ski from top of Mt. FUJI
Monday morning;
4.00 am I pick up the German client from Asakusa Hotel in Tokyo.
Even we exchange some E-mails to get basic knowledge about his/her ski touring and winter mountaineering experience, I'm always little nervous what kind of person is waiting at the hotel lobby.
The weather report was good just for Monday and I had to squeeze this tough ski descent just on single day.
This year the snow conditions on the mountain are excellent, but.... we faced very hard snow and wind blow up to 100km/h. Luckily the temperature was not to low.
Smooth ascent with skis (using ski crampons) to 3340m in good phase; after we carry skis. The climb was very delicate and balance and wind was growing stronger around top of the crater rim.
Another solo skier gave up on the half way up, and two snow boarders also, just 150 meters before the top.
We rope up to circle the crater but  quickly find impossible to walk.
Thanks to high skilled and experienced in ski touring Mr J.; the descent was a bit scary but very enjoyable.
It was a BIG and long day. 
Guide Cveto