Real winter on Mt. Fuji !
 Nov. 10. Mon, the weather report wasn't very promising, like usually very unpredictable for Japan, and low pressure all over the country !
4.30 am, the "Subaru"toll road supposed to open for sunrise sightseers, but due the icy conditions remind closed for traffic.
Well the only option was "Fuji azami road" and longer Subashiri  climbing trail.
Somehow we reached the Parking at 2000m.
Still at solid dark we spotted stars and snow covered summit of Mt. Fuji.
Lucky !!! The shop keeper at P was spotting as and asked where we're heading too.
I answered summit of course !
He wasn't very happy about the answer because the trails leading to the summit are officially closed, when the mountain is covered with snow. Than he was asking how we could manage the drive on icy road ?!
The climb on frozen sand was very comfortable with some spectacular views of misty white summit. We couldn't see any sunrise but the fog suddenly disappeared and "walking on the clouds" become like a dream; like you step out from the air-plain when airborne and take a walk. A small fox was companion us for a while.
On about 3000m we meet the first snow but not to hard, and we continue to climb without crampons to the very summit.
The total 1700m climb took 4h 40min and we enjoyed the view from the top of Mt. Fuji. -12 and a bit N wind didn't keep us long.
The descend on already softer snow was very smooth.
As balsam of the day we took one of neighbour outdoor hot springs.
Cveto, guide
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C&C Japan, Tokyo Nov. '08

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